Welcome to the greener world of ERC group. A world of growth and growing prosperity. ERC Group is environmental, energy, automotive and agriculture-focused company with a vision to shape life’s at the bottom of the pyramid by creating and enabling markets. At ERC Group we manage energy, automotive and agri brands at the point of purchase. Our team enables field sales using artificial intelligence, marketing, supporting data analytics and skill development. Our vision is to mitigate energy access challenges, enable markets at bottom of the pyramid with affordable good quality products. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of households by enabling them with quality ‘Make in India’ consumer durable , agricultural products and services, automotive batteries, solar batteries, weight scale batteries and many more value driven products at affordable price.

ERC Batteries

ERC Group Batteries is the battery vertical of ERC Group in the energy access space with special emphasis on consumer lighting, automotive, spray pump and weighing scale batteries. ERC Group is working on mission mode to enhance human life’s at bottom of the pyramid. Our objective is to enlighten 10 million human life’s India and Globally in energy access space by 2020. ERC Group specialises in designing of energy efficient batteries, rechargeable torches, consumer electronics and off grid solar products. ERC Group is India’s first Agri to Automotive company with 20 years of trust and experience in the field of professional market development and shaping lives. Our batteries are manufactured in India under ISO conditions putting in place best safety and environmental conditions.

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